Because sometimes it just has to be said. Whatever 'it' is...

Doggie play time

2:30am and the dog decides to run and bark all through the house. Got woken up and took her outside where she ran all around the yard barking at something out front, back, next door, everywhere. Finally did her business then we came inside. She was still all wound up so I spent about 30 minutes playing with and petting her until she calmed down enough to go to sleep.

She’s crashed out on the couch and now I’m wide awake.


Silly dog.

Obamacare rant

Just took the last of my Metformin medication for my diabetes. This is the 4th prescription I’ve now run out of thanks to Obamacare and the Health care systems that don’t work.

Thanks Mr. President. Thanks for fucking up the Healthcare system so much that it benefits NO ONE!

Ya know, under my OLD plan and my OLD Doctor, I never would have run out of medications nor would I have had to deal with constant doctors dropping out of networks or refusing to see new patients.

I wish I could have kept what I had. But NOPE! You and your fucking Democrats had to insist people have mandatory coverage on things even if they didn’t need them. You fucked people like me over and now *I* pay the price for a shitty law that you and your cronies refuse to even enact because you know it’s fucked up.

I’m still 6 days away before I can call my NEW new new new doctor to see if I can make an appointment. This one hasn’t dropped network yet nor has he stopped accepting new patients. Lets see if that changes Aug. 1st. If it does and I have to choose yet another new doctor, then I’m truly fucked until September in which I’ll finally run out of blood thinners.

When that happens, it’ll only be a matter or weeks or months before I throw a clot. If that happens, well, it was nice knowing this world. I got lucking the last two times that happened. Third times a charm, so they say.