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I actually like coming to work on a Monday. Usually, there is a Saturday and Monday edition of The Dallas Morning News. A weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal as well as a Monday edition of the WSJ available. A lot of good reading material there. Opinion Pieces. Editorials. News stories and certain sections provide a few hours of entertainment.

On Friday though, I hope there is a WSJ available. I enjoy the Mansions section of that paper. Tis amazing what some people will charge and probably get, for things.

I still boggle in amazement from a few months ago when I saw bathtubs for over $50k!

Halloween Cake Adventures

2nd attempt at making cake success! *confesses* It really helps to NOT forget to add the water to the mix. :/

So here is the plan. Devil’s food standard sheet cake and 16 devil’s food cup cakes. Will place the cup cakes around the cake. Have chocolate frosting for the cake and orange frosting for the cup cakes. Going to decorate them as pumpkins.

1. Halloween Haunted House kit. It’s like making a Gram cracker house but with chocolate pieces instead of the crackers.

2. Candy Eyeballs, Pumpkin decorating kit (for 12 cupcakes), Meat Cleaver Icing decorations (12), Kitchen Knife Icing Decorations (12), Graveyard decorating kit (6 edible Tombstones with a package of sugar bones), Gummy Cupcake Toppers (3 Ghosts 2 Black cats and 3 Owls) and finally Icing Decorations (2 RIP Headstones 2 Ghosts 2 pumpkins and 2 bats).

3. 1 Bunch of Banana’s and a package of mini chocolate chips and regular chocolate chips. These will be the “ghosts” rising up from the ground in the ‘cemetary’

Should be enough to accommodate the decoration desires of my 5 and 7 year old Nephews.