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Trying stuff to lower my Blood Pressure.

It’s been a interesting week or so since my doctor wanted me to try to cut out some some of my sodium intake to lower my borderline high blood pressure. So far I’ve made some changes that should hopefully show results, even if they are tiny.

I cut out my intake of Diet Dr. Pepper. Switched to Diet Rite. That lasted about 5 days. Issue was the sudden loss of caffeine. I felt horrible all week long. Over the weekend I dropped the Diet Rite and am now just drinking mostly Iced Tea. Horrible tired-all-the-time feelings stopped.

Been buying frozen veggies instead of canned veggies. I’m mostly ok with this but the temptation to add some seasoning when cooking them is high. Must work on this.

Today I decided to change one other thing and give it a go. 13 months ago I stopped smoking cigarettes and started using a vaporizer. In that time I’ve completely given up cigarettes and have been cutting down on the nicotine content of the e-liquids I’ve been using. Today though, I got a new flavor, Root Beer Float, and went with zero nicotine content in the liquid. If I can be successful in this, it should also help lower my blood pressure a little bit.

Still looking to modify my grocery shopping habits though. Of course, doc says I need to lose weight. Well no duh!

Diets aren’t easy or fun and I’m still looking at the list and saying, “No way. Not gonna happen.” to some of the items.

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Grocery Shopping

Went to the grocery store today. Keeping in mind that the doctor wants me to try to get onto a low sodium diet to lower my Blood Pressure, I made a conscious effort to buy low sodium items.


This isn’t going to be easy. But I’m giving it a try to at least cut back on some items. I’m going to try to switch from my Diet Dr. Pepper to these Diet Rite drinks. Also am going to start looking at buying tea instead. Considering how many doft drinks I drink, just cutting down on those should help some. Bought frozen veggies instead of canned. Big difference there.

Chose the lowest sodium content stuff I could for most items. Some items though they will get me to stop buying when they lower me six feet into the ground. I am NOT giving up Bacon and 3-4 other items that I normally buy. I’ll just cut down on frequency of consumption and amount.

Also got some Talipia filets. Going to try to cook those next weekend. Will be fun considering I’ve never cooked fish filets.

Anyways, here is to taking the first steps towards a diet. Baby steps but steps nonetheless!

Doctor + Diet

Finally got to see a Doctor today. He said my Blood Pressure is borderline too high and he wants me to try to go on a low sodium diet. He gave me some information on things to do to cut back and also things to avoid.

I looked at the list while looking in my pantry, fridge and freezer and started wondering if whoever made the list just looked in my kitchen and said, “All of this stuff… NONE of it!”

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, it was sad actually going to the grocery store and actually paying attention to stuff and having to make some significant changes.

I don’t know how well I can make this change. I think some of the stuff I can easily do like switch to fresh and frozen veggies instead of the canned stuff.

That said… YOU CAN HAVE MY BACON WHEN YOU PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! *looks around and promises to cut back on it but I’ll be damned if I give it up for good!*